Lion’s Rest opened in January 2014 and became a dream fulfilled for Michael Bromley, it’s creator. After many years visiting the village of Gurubebila on holiday, enjoying the local culture and of course the surf, the opportunity arose to buy a plot of empty land in 2012. With a desire for a lifestyle change away from the busy city-life of London, the decision was an easy one to make. He sold his London works van, bought a Tuk Tuk and started afresh.

With the help of his long time local friend Lucky, plans were put in place for Lion’s Rest. Sri Lankan architect Imaduwa conceived the design and a host of local builders and craftsmen were brought on board to build Lion’s Rest over just 10 months.

Since opening our gates, we have been very fortunate to meet and welcome wonderful people from all over the globe to our special little corner of the idyllic island that is Sri Lanka. Many of these guests are already returning to us and they in turn have helped us to become one of the top rated places to stay in the area.

The team at Lion’s Rest are all from the local area and work hard to make each stay magical, welcoming every guest into the extended Lion’s family and hopefully helping to make a few more dreams come true along the way.

Being a part of village life and culture is important to us and we support the local community whenever we can. We are very committed to the upkeep of the local environment and arrange regular beach cleans of our beautiful beach and free land in the village.

We are plastic free at Lion's Rest, providing water in glass bottles and offering only re-usable stainless steel straws. We are active encouraging other establishments to follow suit.


Business Address

Lion’s Rest Ltd.
Acorn House
33 Churchfield Road
London W3 6AY
Company number 9153051
Tel: +44(0) 7583 121853
Email: info@lions-rest.com

Hotel Address

Lion’s Rest
5a Kadabeddagama
Sri Lanka
Tel +94 (0) 412250990
Mobile: +94 (0) 769 11773
Email: info@lions-rest.com

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