Yoga at Lion's Rest

“The sunset Yoga up on the top deck was real treat every day”

Mary, Ireland

Whether you want to start your day with an energising yoga practice or rejuvenate those aching muscles after a day in the surf, you'll be taken care of in our two daily drop-in classes. Vinyasa Flow, Hatha or Iyengar are taught in the downstairs yoga area or on the sunset deck in the evening.

Yoga is without doubt complementary to a day’s surfing. On a basic physical level is great to stretch out. Yoga improves balance, flexibility, core strength and deepens breathing. The connection you will get by being in the ocean combined with yoga practice can really help you regain your centre.

We have a variety of instructors offering different flavours of yoga throughout the season at Lion’s Rest. Keep an eye on here for updates, or fill out the form below to receive the up-to-date class schedule and the type of yoga offered.

Yoga classes are priced at $12 per class and weekly/fortnightly passes can be purchased at a discount.

We are also planning Yoga Retreats in the near future so drop us a line if you're interested in hearing about them.

Just click here to contact us for updates on the flavor of Yoga on offer and our future retreats